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Make-Up R & D Center

ShengZhuang Make-Up with the guidance of a senior engineer of makeup in France, the selection of raw materials, procurement, research and development, production and inspection are carried out in accordance with the EU standards.
We now make up, have their own independent wax based laboratories and laboratory powder laboratories, engineers have many years of R & D experience, can according to customer needs, customized to meet customer demand for personalized products. Strong R & D strength to meet customer demand for market segmentation.
Wax base products include lipstick, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeliner, mascara, foundation cream, liquid foundation, vermicelli, powder, cover Concealer etc..
The powder products mainly include the foundation base material, wet powder, powder, baking powder, liquid powder, all kinds of powder, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, foundation, powder ball, shaped powder. Our make-up products have been exported to the Middle East, Japan and france.