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Skin Care Products R & D Center

First of all, we have a high level of skin care products research team, in which the direction of the cosmetics master's degree 7 people, 4 undergraduate students.
In the past 20 years of time, from research and Development Department of the formula up to a thousand, related to body care, Xihu series, sunscreen, spa products, and from a single product to suit, from cosmetic line to line of professional, had a complete product system. With France, South Korea, Japan, Europe and many other countries in cooperation, the successful development of the 4 mature brands, the success of more than 200 domestic and foreign cosmetics brands successfully listed.
For many years, the innovation of the production technology and process, innovation and development of a large number of new. In order to always walk in the forefront of fashion, we want to have a new release every quarter. In 2014 alone, the new formula was put into use. And we have the independent perfumery laboratory, perfumer has many years of working experience in perfumery, according to the different needs of customers, the deployment of a adapt to the flavor of different categories of cosmetics for customers to choose.
We have been adhering to the scientific and rigorous work attitude, the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, is committed to build from the effectiveness of the quality can reach the top skin care products.