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The world looks at China
Time:2015-11-18 15:16

The world looks at China beauty makeup look Shengzhuang.
Beijing Shengzhuang, to participate in the Hongkong cosmetics show for 13 years. 13 years witnessed the Taiwan enterprise from Xing to decline; South Korean enterprises in today's support for the development of South Korea's government, the Chinese enterprises' persistence to today's rapid development. Shengzhuang production workshop from 500 square meters to today has 20000 square meters of international standard workshop, and international professional management team; from a single three or four kinds of products to today has a skin care, make-up of a mature one thousand kinds of formula, through the world's first-class product testing, efficacy evaluation equipment and means to do quality assurance. We have stood at the forefront of the world, with international vision and action, in the most market dynamic China for customer service.