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The most stringent
Time:2015-10-13 09:53

September 1st, the history of the most stringent "advertising law" coming, September 1, 2015 officially implemented. Compared with the existing methods of advertising, the revised range is larger, which involves a wide range of contents and provisions of the original expansion and refinement, reflects the comprehensive deepening reform, and effectively adjust the government functions, strengthen market supervision requirements. Implementation of nearly a month, but still in many industries there is a large number of false propaganda and false information.
Investigate its reason, mainly due to regulatory difficulties or difficult to discipline. Such as cosmetics and other important industries, legal consciousness, even the initial purpose is to bluff and deceive commercial fraud. In this law may not take into account all corners, shoddy products and false propaganda, is almost a sign.
Such as have the hustle and bustle of the moment derivative mask ", known as the high technology, advanced technology, but was eventually exposed: not only to take the similar to MLM downline sales model, is a poor three products of illegal adding excess hormones, to cause permanent injury many consumers of the skin on the face.
False propaganda
Cosmetics industry, the brand is more complicated and messy, the difficulty of supervision, the market is out of concealment quickly, so that the risk of quality monitoring has been at high risk areas, the industry has not been a negative message.
From many years ago, a well-known line of skin care brand detection of prohibited substances chromium and neodymium, to shampoo found containing two potential carcinogens, brand cosmetics raw material security has been a concern of the whole society.
"Other countries pay attention to the supervision of raw materials, China has focused on regulatory production." Guangdong provincial food and drug supervision and administration of cosmetics regulatory director Xie Zhijie, as early as last year, the international exchange forum on cosmetics, it is clear that China's cosmetics regulatory focus is too close to the front, it should establish a scientific market access and risk control principles.
Research and development experts from the industry group of specialty chemical industry giants, Germany, also pointed out that the real rigorous, scientific research and development and production of cosmetics raw materials, including the study and extraction of chemical and natural substances, are required to carry out the research based on security. To claim any effect, it is to carry out the process of composition analysis, pharmacological analysis, and the completion of the testing and formulation of the efficacy of the body, and the scientific.
However, due to the temptation of the excess profits of cosmetics, the market has been full of fake and shoddy products, quality problems are endless. The biggest harm to consumers, in fact, is the non formal channels of procurement, production, and completely without the supervision of illegal products.
In view of the problem of excessive marketing of cosmetics market, the relevant departments of the government have been strengthening the supervision. On July 20, Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council announced the "cosmetics supervision and management regulations (revised draft manuscript)". The purpose of the cosmetics market, the existence of chaos, prohibiting all exaggerate and deceptive cosmetics publicity effect.
According to the manuscript, cosmetics manufacturers need to be responsible for the efficacy of cosmetics, cosmetics, the efficacy claims should have full scientific basis, can be relevant literature or research data. Cosmetics producers should be related to the literature, research data or the effectiveness of verification materials, the State Council food and drug supervision and administration department designated public website, accept social supervision.
In addition, the draft also stipulates that the publication of false cosmetics ads, by the provincial people's government food and drug supervision and management departments to suspend sales, and announced to the public. Still selling the cosmetics, food and drug supervision and administration departments of the people's government at or above the county level shall, in addition to the confiscation of illegal income and illegal sale of cosmetics, and shall be fined."Zero added"
Currently on the market there are more and more pure natural, zero add makeup products, for the natural vigilance of consumers for chemical products, big hit reverse brand advantage, a time, but also get a lot of hot pursuit.
In the pursuit of security, natural and return to the original psychological trend, this kind of cosmetic brand represents a part of the technology development direction. But undeniable is, with zero added concept quickly became popular, this "the agriculture, natural" concept has been questioned by more and more.
This kind of pure natural, zero added make-up products, not necessarily the material to undergo a rigorous analysis, the raw material of the medical composition and medical effect did not pass strict inspection and identification. Cosmetics in some natural ingredients, originally belonged to additive category and some natural ingredients may also exist congenital pharmacological damage.
In addition, the real all natural, zero add cosmetics, is not necessarily consistent with strict quality control standards. Cosmetics to achieve absolute zero add is not easy, which is faced with a severe technical test and cost pressures, to be truly zero, the entire industry has a long way to go.
More important is that the real one hundred percent pure natural, zero added cosmetics, it seems the most fundamental problem is that it can not be manufactured in line with the standard of qualified products. For example, the lack of emulsifier, can not achieve the uniform dispersion of oil, water and water. But the lack of the necessary antioxidants, cosmetics will quickly deteriorate or lose their effectiveness.
In this regard, some makeup brands on the market is "ignored" take a publicity strategy, some must contain the cosmetics raw materials are avoided, so as to realize the hypocrisy of "zero added" concept. And some of the three products or non formal manufacturers products, completely abandoned the control of the quality of the products, in the ingredients is humbug. To these claims that do not contain any non natural ingredients of the product, it should be kept the greatest vigilance.